You want a tough truck that rides comfortable, well, the Titan XD is VERY comfortable and will perform to any tough job you give it. The inside is super cool starting with the heated/cooled two-tone leather seats on the platinum reserve model are comfortable and great support for all body types. The heated steering wheel was a welcome addition that I saw in my part because in Dallas when your mornings are a bit chilly, you need your hands to be warm and ready for the ride.

As I drive this beauty off the road, the Titan XD is tough to overlook. It's GRANDE BIG....REALLY BIG if you ask me!  This Titan XD is height is massive but with the comfort and ride handling being so smooth and enjoying, I forget how massive it is.

The suspension is what I expected in a Nissan Titan, wheather you are by yourself or with a family of 4 it is a fantastic ride. On the highway, the smooth ride was immediately evident, and the interior is elegant enough to spoil anyone riding or driving it.  Take it to work and make it do rough, tough assignments; you will notice that it will perform with no doubt that is what it says it does.

One thing that made the ride comfortable for me is that on turning into a tight turn for example, it took me a bit of practice until I felt comfortable maneuvering the size of a truck. The Around View monitor certainly helped parking, due to cameras being located at the rear, front, and under each mirror. What a Texas Nissan Titan XD Truck!

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